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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Corcoran, M.P., Conway, B. and Cahill, L.M. (2011) The ‘miracle’ of Fatima: media framing and the regeneration of a Dublin housing estate, Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, 13 (6) pp. 1-21.
Corcoran, M.P. (2010) 'God’s golden acre for children: pastoralism and sense of place in suburbia Urban Studies', Vol. 47 (12) November 2010, pp. 2537-2554.
O'Callaghan, C., Corcoran, M.P. & Fuller, W. (2009) "Sustaining Communities: Setting the Agenda", GeoJournal: an International Journal of Geography - Special Edition on Sustaining Communities
Corcoran, M.P. & Share, P. (eds) (2008) "Belongings: Shaping Identity in Modern Ireland". Dublin: Institute of Public Administration, pp.273

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Corcoran, M.P. & Winstanley, A.C. (2008) "Using texture to tackle the problem of scale in land-cover classification" in Thomas Blaschke, Stefan Lang, Geoffrey Hay (eds): Object-based image analysis – spatial concepts for knowledge-driven remote sensing applications, Book Chapter, Springer Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography, 113-132,
O'Carroll, A., Corcoran, M.P. & Share, P. (eds) (2008) “ ‘Busy Ireland’ Belongings: Shaping Identity in Modern Ireland", Dublin, IPA,
Corcoran, M.P. & Share, P. (eds) (2008) Introduction to “Belonging: Shaping Identity in Modern Ireland”, Sciological Chronicles, vol. 6 Dublin: Institute of Public Administration
Corcoran, M.P. (2008) "Communities of ‘Limited Liability’ ", pp. 259-273 in Corcoran and Share (eds) op.cit.
Corcoran, M.ary P. (with Jane Gray and Michel Peillon) (2008) "Making sense of place in the Irish suburb". In Gemma Tipton (ed) 'des/IRE: designing houses for contemporary Ireland'. Cork: Gandon Press,pp. 68-75.
Fotheringham, A.S., Demsar, U., & Charlton, M. (2009) "Looking for a relationship? Try GWR" in Miller HJ & Han J (eds) Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Taylor & Francis
Corcoran, M.P. & Share, P. (eds) (2008) 'Belonging: Shaping identity in modern Ireland'. Sociological chronicles, vol. 6. Dublin: Institute of Public Administration.
Corcoran, M.ary P. (with Jane Gray and Michel Peillon) (2008) "Ties that Bind? The social fabric of daily life in the new suburbs" in T. Fahey, H. Russell and C. Whelan (eds) Quality of Life in Ireland: social impact of economic boom, Social Indicators Research Series, Vol. 32. Springer Publications
Corcoran, M.P. & Share, P. (2008) "Modes of Belonging", pp. 1-16 in Corcoran and Share (eds) op. cit.
Corcoran, M.P. & Share, P. (2008) 'Introduction’ to Belonging: Shaping identity in modern Ireland'. Sociological chronicles, vol. 6. Dublin: Institute of Public Administration.

Conference Papers

Corcoran, M.P. (2012) "Planning, the Built Environment and Community: Integrating Insights, Processes and Practices", The Seventh Annual ICLRD Conference, 19 January.
Corcoran, M.P. (2011) "Researching the suburbs", Interdisciplinary workshops, IRCHSS-ISSP Making the Built Environment Work Summer School, NUI Maynooth, 29 June.
Corcoran, M.P. (2011) "The cultural life of the Dublin suburb", Peripheral Visions: suburbs, representation and innovation, Kingston University, London, 17-18 June.
Corcoran, M.P. (2011) "Rurs in urbs: investigating the civic and social potential of urban agricultural initiatives", Conflicts in Cities International Conference, Belfast, 19-21 May.
Corcoran, M.P. (2011) "Towards a transnational perspective on identity", Transnationalism and Migration Inter sponsored by the Department of Sociology and NIRSA, NUI Maynooth, 28 April.
Corcoran, M. P. (2010) "Is thinking really good for us?".Celebrating Thinking: A series of panel discussions hosted by the Royal Irish Academy in association with RTE, 2 March 2010.
Corcoran, M. P. (2010) "The role of allotments in the urban public realm", paper presented at the Department of Sociology and Politics, National University of Ireland, Galway, 5 March 2010.
Corcoran, M.P. (2009) 'Moderator session on Women and Leisure in Ireland', Parnell Summer School 2009 Leisure and Recreation in Ireland. 13 August.
Corcoran, M. P. (2009) 'Mining the past to manage the present: memory, place and identity in city and suburban neighbourhoods', European Sociological Association. Lisbon, Portugal, 2-5 September.
Corcoran, M. P. (2009) 'Invited respondent to Surmounting City Silences: Knowledge Creation and the Design of Urban Democracy in the Everyday Economy', paper presented by Nancy Ettlinger, Ohio State University. NIRSA seminar series, NUI Maynooth, 19 May.
Corcoran, M. P. (2009) 'The GAA and the social fabric of Irish suburban life', The GAA and Irish History roundtable, GAA 125 History Conference. Croke Park, 25 April.
Corcoran, M. P. (2009) "Suburban dreams, suburban realities-Social relations in Dublin’s twenty-first century suburbs", “Identity, belonging and suburbia” session, The Diverse Suburb: History, Politics and Prospects. The National Centre for Suburban Studies, Hofstra University, Long Island, NY, 22-24 October.
Corcoran, M. P. (2009) 'God’s golden acre for children: the power of pastoral ideology in Ireland’s new suburban communities', Old Ireland, New Irish: ‘the same people living in the same place’ American Conference for Irish Studies 2009. National University of Ireland, Galway, 10 June.
Corcoran, M. P. (2009) "Mapping social change in twenty-first century Ireland: a view from the city and the suburb", Glucksman Ireland House. New York University, 23 October.
Corcoran, M. P. (2009) 'Are liberals just champagne socialists?', Leviathan Political debate moderated by David McWilliams. DLR Mountains to the Sea book festival, Dun Laoghaire, 12 September.
Corcoran, M.P. (2008) 'Influencing Spatial Practice'. Dublin Design Diversity, MSc Urban Design panel discussions on urban design, Newman House, UCD, 1 April.
Gilmartin, M. & O’Connell, Jane-Ann (2008) 'Negotiating Belonging: Lithuanians in Ireland'. Conference of Irish Geographers, Liverpool, May.
Corcoran, M.P. (2008) 'Problems and progress in social housing estates: a ten-year review study'. ISSP Inaugural Meeting, Institute of Technology, Sligo, 23 June.
Corcoran, M.P. (2008) 'Webs of group affiliations: people, place and community in the Irish suburbs'. Shrinking Cities, Sprawling Suburbs”, Changing Country Sides European Network on Housing Research, UCD, 8 July
Corcoran, M.P. (2008) 'Civic and Social life in the new suburbs'. Irish Countrywomen’s Association, Marlay Chapter, Rathfarnham. 12 June.


Corcoran, M.P. (2012) Review of McGreil, M., "Pluralism and Diversity in Ireland", 2011. The Furrow.
Corcoran, M.P. (2012) Review of Cochrane, F., "The end of Irish America? Globalisation and the Irish Diaspora Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies", DOI:10.1080/1369183X.2011. 649968.
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