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Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Alexopoulos, A., Harney, B., Monks, K., Buckley, F. & Hogan, T. (2009) ‘Conceptualising Collaborative Processes in University Research Centres’ LINK Working Paper Series, WP02-09.

Conference Papers

Buckley, F. and Alexopoulos, A. (2010) (DCU). "Trust As A Context Phenomenon: Some Evidence From Two Science Research Contexts" Proceedings of 5th Trust Workshop, Madrid, Spain. 27-29 January 2010. Paper and Presentation
Harney B., Monks K., Alexopoulos A., Buckley, F., and Hogan T. (2009) (DCU). "Experiencing The Divide: University Researchers And Employment Opportunities". Annual Conference of the Irish Social Science Platform (ISSP), NUI Galway, 1-2 December 2009. Oral Presentation
Alexopoulos, A. & Monks, K. (2008) 'Employee Perceptions of the Relationship Between Human Resource Practices and Teamwork and Cooperation Climate: Towards Social Resources Management?'. The 3rd HRM, “Knowledge Processes and Organizational Performance” Mini Conference, Center for Strategic Management and Globalization, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark. 18-19 September.
Buckley, F., Flynn, J., Monks, K., Hogan, T. & Alexopoulos, A. (2008) 'Doctoral Competencies and Graduate Research Education: Focus and Fit with the Knowledge Economy?'. ISSP Annual Conference “After the Celtic Tiger”, Dublin City University, 11-12 September.
Monks, K., Buckley, F., Hogan, T. & Alexopoulos, A. (2008) 'Knowledge Intensive Firms (KIFs) in the Knowledge Economy: From Molecules to Anti-Matter', ISSP Annual Conference “After the Celtic Tiger”. Dublin City University, 11-12t September.
Alexopoulos, A., Chughtai, A., Flynn, J. & Zhou, Q. (2008) 'University Research Centres: Agents of Innovation in the Knowledge Society'. ISSP Annual Conference “After the Celtic Tiger”, Dublin City University, 11-12 September.
Alexopoulos, A. (2008) 'The Moderating Role of Hierarchical Level in the Effect of Professional and Personal Trust on Interpersonal Trust on Interpersonal Knowledge Transfer'. Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Annual Conference, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, 3-5 September.
Alexopoulos, A. & Monks, K. (2007) “Social Capital, Trust and Knowledge Transfer: An Integrated Micro-level Analysis”, The 4th Workshop on Trust within and between Organizations. The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Amsterdam.
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