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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Brereton, P. (2011) "An Ecological Approach to the Cinema of Peter Weir", Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Vol. 28(2), pp. 120-34.
Brereton, P. (2010) "Conference Review: MIT6, Stone and Papyrus: Storage and Transmission", Journal of Research Into New Media Technologies, Vol. 16(2), pp. 245-52.
McDonagh, P. and Brereton, P. (2010) "Screening Not Greening: An Ecological Reading of the Greatest Business Movies", Journal Of Macromarketing, pp.1-14.
Brereton, P. and Phelan, S. (2010) "Neither With You or Against You: Irish Cultural Representations of America after September 11", Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 24(6), pp. 851-67.
Brereton, P. and Higgins, M. (2010) "Editorial to special issue of Cultural Studies on Ireland", Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 24(6).
Brereton, P. (2009) "Hollywood Representations of Irish Journalism: A Case Study of Veronica Guerin", Irish Communications Review, 11, pp. 104-14.
Brereton, P. (2009) "Poverty and Environment in Films set in Africa", Media Development, Vol. 2(2), pp. 57-61.
Brereton, P. (2009) Review of Bruce Bennett, Marc Furstenau and Adrian MacKenzie (eds) "Cinema and Technology: Cultures, Theories, Practices", Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 15, pp. 484-486.
Brereton, P. (2009) "Branding Irish Cinema: Reflections upon Celtic Consumer Society and Social Change in Dublin", Irish Marketing Review, Vol. 20(2), pp. 27-39.
Brereton, P. (2008) "Review of Mary P. Corcoran and Perry Share (eds) 2008 'Belongings: Shaping Identity in Modern Ireland'", Studies, Vol. 97, pp. 344-46.
Brereton, P. (2008) "Ireland's America: a case study of Sheridan's In America (2002) and Get Rich or Die Trying (2005)", Studies In European Cinema, Vol. 5(1), pp. 45-53.
Brereton, P. (2008) "Religion and Irish Cinema", Studies: an Irish Quarterly Review, Vol. 97(387), pp. 321-32.
Brereton, P. (2007) "Guest Editorial", Convergence Journal of Research Into New Media Technologies, Vol. 13(2), pp. 115-17.

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Brereton, P. (2009) Documentary Realism and Fundamentalist Religion in Ireland.(2009) REA: Religion, Education and the Arts, pp1-16.

Conference Papers

Brereton, P. (2010) "How New Generational Cineastes might think Digitally: A case study of ‘smart’ Irish DVDs and their Bonus Features", ECREA International Media conference, Hamburg, 12-15 October.
Brereton, P. and LeJeuz, B. (2010) "Teaching ethics using film and literature", GLEUBE: Globalising European Bioethics Education Symposium, 16 October.
Brereton, P. (2009) "Irish Documentaries and Religion", A Secular Age: Tracing the Contours of Religion and Belief. 8 – 10 June.
Brereton, P. (2009) "Archiving and New Media", MIT 6, 22 April. Paper
Brereton, P. (2009) "Paper on Eastenders and Father Ted", Screening the Irish in Britain, Trinity College Dublin, 26 September.
Brereton, P. (2009) "Into the Wild, Grizzly Man and Into the West", International Visual Sociology Association, Cumbria, 22 – 24 July.
Brereton, P. (2009) "Cinema and Climate Change", UCL, London, 11 December. Paper
Brereton, P. (2009) "New Directions of Film Study", King’s College, 21 March. Paper
Brereton, P. (2008) “Irish Accented Comedy in Film”, ‘Forging Identity: Past and Present’ conference, Dublin City University, 15-16 February.
Brereton, P. (2008) "Media Representations of Suicide in Irish Film: A reading of Disco Pigs, On the Edge and Garage", Irish Media Research Network at Maynooth University, 19-20 September.
Brereton, P. and O’Mathuna, D. (2008) “Nanotechnology and Science Fiction Film”, presented at ‘Cloning and Science’ Workshop, Dublin City University, 18 January.
Brereton, P. (2007) “Finding an Irish Voice: Reflections upon Celtic Consumer Society and Social Change”, presented at the CIS ‘Consuming Identity’ Conference, Dublin City University, 17 October.
Brereton, P. (2007) “Database Logic and Spielberg: an Examination of AI and Minority Report”, presented at ‘Future of Moving Images’ conference. Sunderland, UK, 16-18 November.
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