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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

O'Connor, P. (2008) "The Irish Patriarchal State: Continuity and Change". In M. Adshead, P. Kirby and M. Millar (eds) 'Contesting the State: Lessons from the Irish Case'. Manchester University Press, Manchester.
O'Connor, P. (2008) "The challenge of gender in higher education: Processes and practices". Global University Network for Innovation:

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

O'Connor, P. (2009) Gender and organisational culture at senior management level: Limits and possibilities for change; in Halford, J. and Rush, C. (eds.) Women and Higher Education. Bern: Peter Lang.
Kelleher, P. and O'Connor, P. (2009); Men on the margins: Masculinities in disadvantaged areas in Limerick City; in Hourigan, N. (ed.) Understanding Limerick. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Kelleher, P. & O’Connor, P. (2008) "Uncertain Futures: An Exploratory Study of Men at the Margins"


O'Connor, P. (2008) 'Irish Children and Teenagers in a Changing World'. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Conference Papers

O'Connor, P. (2009) 'Universities: Male Dominated Internationally? Irish Limits and Possibilities for Change?', Equal Opportunities International Conference. Istanbul, 15-17 July.
O'Connor, P. (2009) 'Becoming an overnight success after 30 years (What I did not learn in College)', Presentation to Women’s Forum. UL, March.
O'Connor, P. & White, K. (2009) Universities: Collegial/Managerialist? Gendered?, 6th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education, Stockholm, 5-8 August.
O'Connor, P. (2009) 'Management in Irish Universities: A View from the Top', Annual Sociological Association of Ireland Conference. WIT, Waterford, May.
O'Connor, P. (2009) 'Are Universities Really Male Dominated? Limits and Possibilities for Change?', International Women’s Day Conference. UL, March.
O'Connor, P. (2009) 'Marginalised masculinities Regeneration Day'.University of Limerick, March.
O'Connor, P. with Kelleher, P. (2008) 'Men on the Margins: Masculinities in Disadvantaged Areas', Annual Sociological Association of Ireland Conference. Galway, 9-11 May.
O'Connor, P. (2008) 'Doing Boy/Girl: Gender as a Framework in Young People’s Narratives’, Women’s Worlds Conference. Madrid , 4-9 July.
O'Connor, P. (2008) 'The Challenge of Gender in Higher Education: Processes and Practices', GUNI, International Conference on Higher Education. Barcelona, 31 March -2 April.
O'Connor, P. (2008) 'Resistance and Change in the Civil Service', Civil Service Women Managers Network. Galway, September.
O'Connor, P. (2008) 'Gender and Organisational Culture and Processes at Senior Management Level in Universities', Women’s Worlds Conference. Madrid , 4-9 July.
O'Connor, P. (2008) “The Challenge of Gender; Processes, Practices and Masculinities Involved in Reproducing Gendered Patterns in Higher Education”, Conference on Higher Eudcation: New Challenges for Human and social Development
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