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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Coveney, S., Fotheringham, A.S., Charlton, M., and McCarthy, T. (2010) 'Dual-scale Validation of a medium-resolution Coastal DEM with Terrestrial LiDAR DSM and GPS'. Computers and Geosciences, 36 (4) 489-499, ISSN 0098-3004.
Coveney, S., Fotheringham, A.S., Charlton, M. and McCarthy ,T. (2008) " External validation of a medium-resolution photogrammetric DEM using high-accuracy high-resolution Terrestrial Laser Scanning and low and medium spatial-resolution RTK-GPS". Under review with IJGIS.

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Charlton, M.E., Coveney, S. and McCarthy, T. (2009) Issues in Laser Scanning in Heritage GL and Large ARG (eds), Laser scanning for the Environmental Sciences, John Wiley, Chichester pp35-48
Curtis, A.J., Mills, J.W., McCarthy, T., Fotheringham, A.S., and Fagan, W. (2008) "Space and Time Changes in Neighborhood Recovery after a Disaster Using a Spatial Video Acquisition System". (In Press)

Conference Papers

McCarthy, T., Farrell R, Curtis, A. & Fotheringham, A.S. (2008) 'Integrated Remotely Sensed Datasets for Disaster Management Construction of the Citizen in the Knowledge Society', Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring, GIS Applications, and Geology VIII.”. Cardiff, 12 September.
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