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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Leonard, L., Doran, P. & Fagan, G.H. (2009): "A Cross-Border Burning Issue: Irish Campaigns against Incineration, North And South". Environmental Politics Journal Special Edition: Environmental Movements and Waste Infrastructure.
Leonard, L. (2009) 'Ireland’s Environmental Policy'. Critical Social Policy, May.

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Leonard, L. & Barry, J. (Eds) (2009) The Transition to Sustainable Living Advances in Ecopolitics 4; Emerald Publishing,UK.
Leonard, L., Kenny, P. & McGukin, J. (2009) Training and Mentoring in the Irish Prison Service: A Sociological Perspective American Jails Magazine.
Leonard, L. (2009) ‘The Future of Environmental Movement’ New Hibernian Review Summer 2009

Working Papers

Leonard, L. and Kenny, P. (2009) ‘Training and Mentoring in Irish Prisons’ paper to the 4th Irish Criminology conference UCD.
Leonard, L. and Kenny, P. (2009) SAI Conference 2009 ‘Training and Mentoring in the Irish Prison Service: A Sociological Perspective’ . Paper to the SAI 2009 Conference
Leonard, L. and Kenny, P. (2009) 37th European Group Crime and Deviance Conference, UCLAN Preston UK August 2009 ‘”Prison without bells and whistles”: Prison policy in Ireland

Conference Papers

Gilmartin, M. & O’Connell, Jane-Ann (2008) 'Negotiating Belonging: Lithuanians in Ireland'. Conference of Irish Geographers, Liverpool, May.
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