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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Buckley, F. and Chughtai, A.A. (2010) "Assessing the Effects of Organizational Identification on In-Role Job Performance and Learning Behaviour: The Mediating Role of Learning Goal Orientation". Personnel Review, 39(2), pp. 242-258.
Chughtai, A. and Buckley, F. (2008) "Work Engagement and Its Relationship with State and Trait Trust: a Conceptual Analysis". Journal of Behavioural and Applied Management. 10(1), pp. 47-71

Conference Papers

Chughtai, A.A. & Buckley, F. (2008) 'Can State and Trait Trust Induce Work Engagement? A Conceptual Analysis'. Management (EURAM), University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 14-17 May.
Chughtai, A.A. & Buckley, F. (2008) 'The Relationship Between Trust in Co-Workers and Work Engagement - The Mediating Role of Team Psychological'. Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Annual Conference, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, 3-5 September.
Chughtai, A. & Buckley, F. (2008) 'Team Performance, Innovative Behaviour and Knowledge Creation within Research Teams - The Role of Work Engagement'. ISSP Annual Conference “After the Celtic Tiger”, Dublin City University, 11-12 September.
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