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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Murray, M., Houston, D., Keaveney, K. McKay, S. and Murtagh, B. (2009) 'Regulatory planning for economic development in the countryside'. Town Planning Review, 80 (2), pp. 201 - 226
Murray, M. (2009) 'A rural White Paper for Northern Ireland'. Economic Outlook and Business Review, 24(3), pp.27-30.
Houston, D., McKay., Murray, M. and Murtagh, B. (2008) "Planning, Heritage and the Memory of War". Administration, 56(2), pp.89-107.
Murray, M. et al (2008) "Rescaling territorial development: the Pays in France and Belgium". Europa XXI, 18, pp. 7 - 21
Murray, M. (2008) "Planning Through Dialogue for Rural Development: the European Citizens’ Panel Initiative". Planning Practice and Research, 23(2), pp.265-279.

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Murray, M. (2009) European territorial co-operation. Economic Outlook and Business Review, 24(2), pp.34-36

Conference Papers

Murray, M. (2009) 'The imagery and language of rural planning in Northern Ireland', The Inaugural Irish Rural Studies Symposium. Teagasc Mellows Campus, Athenry, Co Galway, 1 September.
Murray M. (2009) (QUB). "Strategic planning for balanced development: a concept in search of application". Annual Conference of the Irish Social Science Platform (ISSP), NUI Galway, 1-2 December 2009. Oral Presentation
Murray, M. (2009) 'The context for a Rural White Paper in Northern Ireland', The Irish Scottish Forum for Spatial Planning: “Rural Planning and Development: Comparative Perspectives on a Rural White Paper”. Queen’s University Belfast, 18 September.
Murray, M. (2009) 'The imagery and language of spatial consciousness in planning', The Irish Scottish Forum for Spatial Planning: “Spaces of the Nation”. University of Aberdeen, 12 -13 June.
Murray, M. (2008) 'Regulatory Planning for Economic Development in the Countryside', ISSP Annual Conference: “After the Celtic Tiger”. Dublin City University, 11--12 September.
Murray, M. & Houston, D. (2008) 'Regulatory Planning and Economic Development in the Countryside', Strategic Planning Action Network Conference “Research Perspectives on Rural Change”. Belfast, 23 May.
Murray, M. (2008) 'Building Consensus in Contested Places and Spaces? The Regional Development Strategy for Northern Ireland', Regional Studies Association International Conference “Regions – The Dilemmas of Integration and Competition”. University of Economics, Prague, 26 – 29 May.
Murray, M. (2008) 'Village Planning and Development Challenges', East Border Region Conference, “Promoting Pride in our Rural Villages”. Rathfriland, 4th June.
Gilmartin, M. & O’Connell, Jane-Ann (2008) 'Negotiating Belonging: Lithuanians in Ireland'. Conference of Irish Geographers, Liverpool, May.
Hourgian, T., Murray, L. & Jeanneau, C. (2008) 'The Re-evaluation of MFL Learners’ Objectives in Re-orientating Social Media Usage from Leisure Activities to Educational Purposes. Invasion or invitation?'. 12th International CALL Research Conference, University of Antwerp: Belgium.
Murray, M. & Houston, D. (2008) 'Participatory Rural Planning in Northern Ireland', Community Development Society 40th Annual International Conference, “Conversation, Collaboration and Democracy – Creative Community Engagement”. Saskatoon, Canada, 22 – 25 June.


Houston, D., Keaveney, K. and Murray, M. with Harper, G. and Allen, M. (2008) Northern Ireland – Wallonia – Champagne Ardenne Transregional Exchange of Know-how, SPANEWS, Issue 9-10, pp.23-25.
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