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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Halonen, R., Laukkanen, E., Acton, T. and Conboy, K. (2010) "Unstructured Knowledge Transfer in ICT Teams". Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 9 (1), 1-15.
Halonen, R. & Leinonen, E. (2008) "Habbo Hotel - Academic Studies in Mixed Feelings". IFIP Human-Computer Interaction Symposium, 272, 105-117. (Fulltext)

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Conboy, K., Acton, T., Halonen, R. (2009) "Presenting data for team-based decision-making in agile information systems projects". The 17th European Conference on Information Systems, 8-10 June, Verona, Italy. Paper 540.

Book Chapters

Halonen, R. (2009) “Team Members and Knowledge Sharing”. In: B. Sapio, L. Haddon, E. Mante-Meijer, L. Fortunati, T. Turk, E. Loos (Eds.) The Good, the Bad and the Challenging: The user and the future of information and communication technologies, Volume 1, pp. 3-12.
Halonen, R. (2008) "Resistance to innovation: a case study". In Mante-Meijer, E., Haddon, L. & Loos, E. (eds.) 'The Social Dynamics of Communication and Information Technology'. Aldershot: Ashgate.

Conference Papers

Halonen, R., Acton, T., Conboy, K. and Golden, W. (2009) "Information systems: unavoidable nuisances in combining local administratives?" 22nd Bled E-Commerce Conference on eEnablement, Bled, Slovenia, June 14-17.
Halonen, R. (2009) "Team members and knowledge sharing". COST 298 -The Good, the Bad and the Challenging, Copenhagen, Denmark, 13-15 May.
Halonen, R., Acton, T., Golden, W. and Conboy, K. (2009) "The DeLone & McLean success model as a descriptive tool in evaluating a virtual learning environment". International Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 26-28 April.
Iskanius, P., Halonen, R. & Möttönen, M. (2009) "Experiences of ERP use in small enterprises". 11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, 6 - 10, May, Milan, Italy.
Halonen, R. (2009) "DeLone &McLean success model as a descriptive tool in evaluating the use of a virtual learning environment International", Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC 2009). Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 26-28 April.
Halonen, R., Haapala, H., Acton, T., Conboy, K. & Golden, W. (2009) Information systems – unavoidable nuisances in combining local administratives? 22nd Bled eConference eEnablement: Facilitating an Open, Effective and Representative eSociety. Bled, Slovenia, June 14 - 17.
Halonen, R. (2008) "Tacit and Explicit Knowledge". Summer School of Knowledge Management in Vysoka skola manazmentu v Trencine, Slovakia 22 June – 5 July.
Halonen, R. & Laukkanen, E. (2008) "Managing tacit and explicit knowledge in organisational teams". Third IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management, London, November 12-16.
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