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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Kenna, P. (2008) “International Instruments on Housing Rights”. ASCE Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction (US).
Kenna, P. (2008) "Housing Rights and Rural Housing". In 'Housing in Rural Ireland'. To be published by Teagasc in 2009.
Kenna, P. (2008) “Housing Rights: Positive Duties and Enforceable Rights at the European Court of Human Rights”. European Human Rights Law Review, 2:
Kenna, P. (2008) “Quantifying Housing Rights: Europe leads the Way”. American Bar Association, The Urban Lawyer.

Book Chapters

Kenna, P. (2012). "Housing and Human Rights". In: Smith, S. J. (ed.) International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home. Elsevier.
Kenna, P. (2008) "Property, Housing and the Environment” . In Kilkelly, U. (ed.) 2nd Edition ECHR and Irish Law. Bristol: Jordans

Working Papers

Kenna, P.adraic (2008) Council of Europe, Commissioner for Human Rights. Issue Paper on Housing Rights. Strasbourg: Council of Europe

Conference Papers

Kenna, P. (2008) 'The Impact of FEANTSA v France Collective Complaint Decision of the European Committee on Social Rights', Presentation to Faculty of Law. University of Barcelona.
Kenna, P. (2008) 'What can Housing Rights Offer European Housing Research?', European Network of Housing Researchers Conference.


Kenna, P. (2008) Member of Irish Legal Experts Group for EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRALEX). Published three Bulletin and Reports on various issues to September 2008

Research Reports

Kenna, P.adraic (2008) “FEANTSA v. France. Analysis of the Collective Complaint on Housing Rights at Council of Europe", Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions. Geneva. Housing and ESC Rights Quarterly. Vol. 5. no. 3.
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