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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Harris, P., Fotheringham, A.S., Crepso, R. & Charlton, M. (2010) 'The Use of Geographically Weighted Regression for Spatial Prediction: An Evaluation of Models Using Simulated Data Sets'. Mathematical Geosciences, 42, (6), 657-680, DOI: 10.1007/s11004-010-9284-7.
Sa, A.C.L. et al (2010) 'The pyrogeography of sub-Saharan Africa: a study of the spatial non- stationarity of fire-environment relationships using GWR'. Journal of Geographical Systems (published on-line).
Coveney, S., Fotheringham, A.S., Charlton, M., and McCarthy, T. (2010) 'Dual-scale Validation of a medium-resolution Coastal DEM with Terrestrial LiDAR DSM and GPS'. Computers and Geosciences, 36 (4) 489-499, ISSN 0098-3004.
Danese, M., Demsar, U., Masini, N. & Charlton, M. (2010) 'Investigating Material Decay of Historic Buildings Using Visual Analytics with Multi-Temporal Infrared Thermographic Data'. Archaeometry, 52(3): 482-501.
Demsar, U., Fotheringham, A.S., and Charlton, M. (2008) " Combining Geovisual Analytics with Spatial Statistics: the example of Geographically Weighted Regression". The Cartographic Journal, 45(3):182-192.
Coveney, S., Fotheringham, A.S., Charlton, M. and McCarthy ,T. (2008) " External validation of a medium-resolution photogrammetric DEM using high-accuracy high-resolution Terrestrial Laser Scanning and low and medium spatial-resolution RTK-GPS". Under review with IJGIS.
Demsar, U., Fotheringham, A.S. & Charlton, M.E. (2008) “Combining Geovisual Analytics with Spatial Statistics: the example of Geographically Weighted Regression”. The Cartographic Journal, Special Issue ‘From Geovisualization to Geovisual Analytics’ (in press).
Foley, R., Charlton, M. and Clarke, P. (2008) Surveying the Sickbeds: Initial Steps Towards Modelling All-Ireland Hospital Accessibility. The Journal of Cross Border Studies in Ireland, 3, 66-79
Demsar, U., Fotheringham, A.S. & Charlton, M. (2008) "Exploring the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Geographical Processes with Geographically Weighted Regression and Geovisual Analytics". Information Visualisation 7: 181-197

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Charlton, M.E., Coveney, S. and McCarthy, T. (2009) Issues in Laser Scanning in Heritage GL and Large ARG (eds), Laser scanning for the Environmental Sciences, John Wiley, Chichester pp35-48
Charlton, M.E. (2008) "Locational Analysis in Human Geography" in Hubbard P, Kitchin R and Valentine G (eds), Key Texts in Human Geography, Sage: London
Fotheringham, A.S., Charlton, M.E.& Demšar, U. (2008) “Looking for a Relationship? Try GWR” in Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. 2nd edition, edited by Miller H.J. and Han J., Taylor & Francis (in press).
Fotheringham, A.S., Charlton, M.E. & Brunsdon, C. (2007) “The Geography of Parameter Space – 10 Years on” in Classics from IJGIS: Twenty years of the International Journal of Geographical Information Science and Systems, edited by Fisher, P.F., Taylor and Francis, Boca Raton, pp 321-326

Book Chapters

Charlton, M.E. (2009) 'Quantitative Methods'. In Kitchin R. et al (eds) Encyclopaedia of Human Geography, London: Elsevier

Conference Papers

Gilmartin, M. & O’Connell, Jane-Ann (2008) 'Negotiating Belonging: Lithuanians in Ireland'. Conference of Irish Geographers, Liverpool, May.
Fotheringham, A.S., Charlton, M. & Foley, P. (2008)'Automatic Boundary Creation: Atomic Small Areas in Ireland'.11th International Conference on Geographic Information Science AGILE (Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe), Girona, Spain. 6-12 May
Fotheringham, A.S., Charlton, M., Robinson, A. & Egan, A. (2008) 'Analysing Urban Dynamics through GeoDirectory’. SSP Annual Conference “After the Celtic Tiger”. Dublin City University, 11-12 September.
Fotheringham, A.S., Demsar, U. & Charlton, M. (2008) 'Performance of Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) on a simulated spatio-temporal dataset'. Conference “GIScience 2008”, Park City Utah23 – 26 September.
Demsar, U., Fotheringham, A.S., Charlton, M. & Crespo, R. (2008) 'Combining Geographically Weighted Regression and Geovisual Analytics to investigate temporal variations in house price determinants across London in the period 1980-1998'. Workshop of the ICA commission on Geovisualization, “GeoVisualization of Dynamics, Movement and Change” at the AGILE 2008 conference, Girona, Spain, May.
Fotheringham, A.S. & Charlton, M. (2008) 'Geographically Weighted Regression'. Centre for Spatially Integrated Social Science Workshop: Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA USA, 1-6 June.
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