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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Brennan, M., Barnett, R. & McGrath, B. (2009) 'The Intersection of Youth and Community Development in Ireland and Florida: Building Stronger Communities through Youth Civic Engagement'. Community Development, 40: 331–345.
McGrath, B., Brennan, M., Dolan, P. and Barnett, R. (2009) Adolescent well-being and supporting contexts: a comparison of adolescents in rural Ireland and Florida’, Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 19, pp.299-320.

Book Chapters

McGrath, B. & Murray, F. (2011). "Brazilian Migrant Social Networks and Social Capital". In: Fanning, B. & Munck, R. (eds.) Globalization, migration and social transformation: Ireland in Europe and the world. Farnham: Ashgate.
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