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Duvvury, N., Ni Leime, A., Callan., Price, L., & Simpson. M (2012) Older Women Workers’Access to Pensions: Vulnerabilities, Perspectives and Strategies. Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, National University of Ireland Galway. ISBN: 978-1-908358-04-2

Conference Papers

Gilmartin, M. & O’Connell, Jane-Ann (2008) 'Negotiating Belonging: Lithuanians in Ireland'. Conference of Irish Geographers, Liverpool, May.
Price, L. (2008) 'The Context of Rural Support in the UK'. MacEwan Institute for “Research on Family and Youth” (MIRFY), Edmonton, Canada, August.


Price, L., Gallagher, E. & Ritchie, H. (2008) Report on Work Phase One of the TQEF Funded Project on ‘Student Engagement and Computer Assisted Self-Assessment (CASA)’, ‘A Module-Level Implementation of an Embedded model of PDP to Support and Encourage Student Engagement with the PDP Process of Structured Reflection, Planning, Action and Review’, Queen’s University, Belfast
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