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Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Cooper, C. (2009) Maybe they should call it fat American Studies'; in Solovay, S. and Rothblum, E., eds.; The Fat Studies Reader, New York: New York University Press, pp. 327-333

Conference Papers

Cooper, C., Tormley, C. (2010) (UL). 'Nothing About Us Without Us: Speaking on Behalf of ‘The Obese’ Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Sexuality and Gender in Europe Third Annual Postgraduate Conference, University of Exeter, UK Forgotten Bodies: Identities, Practices and Representations, 9 January 2010. Oral Presentation
Cooper, C. (2010) (UL) Rad Fatties and ‘The Obese’: Activism, Fat Studies and Paradigm Shifts in the UK ESRC Fat Studies and Health At Every Size Seminar 1 Durham University, UK, 14 January 2010. Keynote
Cooper, C. (2010) (UL). Ten Reasons Why I'm a Fat Activist. Goldsmiths College, London, UK Critical discussion of fat activism, 24 February 2010. Guest Lecture
Cooper, C. (2010) (UL). Jacqueline Gingras' postgraduate class on the social dimensions of nutrition Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada Discussion on critical approaches to fat, 9 March 2010. Guest Presenter
Cooper, C. (2009) 'The Story of The Chubsters Fat Studies Pop Culture Association', American Culture Association. Marriott, New Orleans,11 April.
Cooper, C. (2009) 'Fat Activism', Well Now Salon Coventry University Skills and information-sharing about embodied activism opportunities, 22 July.
Cooper, C. (2009) 'Fat Girl on a Bike: Introducing Health At Every Size', Critical Perspectives On Fat And Leisure Leisure Studies Association Conference. Canterbury Christ Church University, 7 July.
Cooper, C. (2009) 'International perspectives on HAES', ASDAH Conference. Washington DC, 1 August.
Cooper, C. (2009) (UL). "The Fat of The Land: A Queer Chub Harvest Festival London", UK Fat activist community conference, Principal Organiser, 3 October 2009. Oral Presentation
Cooper, C. (2009) (UL). "Das rote Sofa" Lesbiche Schwule Filmtage Hamburg, Germany Critical discussion of guerrilla film making in fat activism; online fat activist strategies, 23 October 2009. Panel Presenter
Cooper, C. (2009) (UL). Bildwechsel: Chubsters Gang Meeting Lesbiche Schwule Filmtage Hamburg, Germany Referencing Moon and Kosofsky-Sedgwick's 1994 essay on Divine to frame discussion of queer-fat representation, fat activism and low budget film-making, within feminist media praxis, Co-organiser, 24 October 2009
Cooper, C. (2009) (UL). The Body Project Coventry, UK Critical discussion of Health At Every Size and peace activism, 8 November 2009. Panel Presenter
Cooper, C. (2008) 'No, I Will Not Shut Up'. Pride Week, McGill University, Montréal.
Cooper, C. (2008) 'Fat Activism 101'. Back off! Let’s Reappropriate our Bodies! Reprenons le contrôle de nos corps!
Cooper, C. (2008) 'Fat Activism 101'. Resisting Treatment, Warwick University.
Cooper, C. (2008) 'Master of Dance'. NoLose, Northampton, 26-28 Sept.
Cooper, C. (2008) 'Fat Activism 101'. Fat Studies UK.
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