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Conference Papers

Daly, G. (2012) "ESPON TPM Presentation", Brussels, 29 June.
D'Andrea, A. (2010) Nomadismo Global en Espana: la Dimension Cultural de la Movilidad Global. Dept. Sociology II Complutense University, 27 January 2010 Oral Presentation
D'Andrea, A. (2010) (UL). "Cosmopolitanism and Ethnocentrism in Lifestyle Migration: Conceptualizing Expatriate Subjectivities".Conference “Theorizing Lifestyle Migration”. CSIC, Madrid, 28/29 January 2010 Oral Presentation
D'Andrea, A. (2010) (UL). "Global Mobility as practice and identity: a case study of highly mobile lifestyle expatriates".Center for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University, upon invitation by Prof. John Urry, 17 November 2009. Guest presenter
D'Andrea, A. (2008) 'International Mobility of Corporate Expatriates: Demographics, Issues and Practices across High- and Low-Information-Intensive Industries'. Nomadic Work Life research meetings, September.
D'Andrea, A. (2008) 'Theory of Neo-Nomadism: Integrating Cultural and Global Debates in Hypermobile Identities'. ISSP Annual Conference “After the Celtic Tiger”, Dublin City University, 11-12t September.
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