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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Collins, P. & Grimes, S. (2011). "Cost-competitive places: shifting fortunes and the closure of Dell’s manufacturing facility in Ireland". European Urban and Regional Studies, 18, 406-426.
Pontikakis, D. and Collins, P. (2010) “Geographically differentiated competition as determinant of the diffusion of broadband: evidence from Irish SMEs”. Telecommunications Policy Volume 34 (3), 117-184.
Collins, P. & Grimes, S. (2008). "Ireland's Foreign-Owned Technology Sector: Evolving Towards Sustainability?". Growth and Change, 39, 436-463. (Fulltext)

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Collins, P. (2011). "The Future is Creative". Research Matters, NUI Galway, Autumn.

Research Reports and Policy Documents

Collins, P. (2011). "Creative West 2020: Doubling the Workforce". Western Development Commission, July.

Conference Papers

Collins, P. (2012). "What do we mean by Competitiveness?" Networks and Flows in Economic Space, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, 30 January.
Collins, P. (2011). "The Emergence of a Creative Cluster in the West of Ireland". Regional Studies Annual Conference, Newcastle, UK.
Cunningham, J., Collins, P. & Giblin, M. (2011). "In Search of a Smart Economy: Consequences for Enterprise Policy, Irish Through a Social Sciences Lens". ISSP/NIRSA anniversary conference, NUI Maynooth, 5 September.
Collins, P. (2011). "Regional Competitiveness in the Smart Economy". BMW - CISC Conference on Regional Innovation Systems, NUI, Galway, 4th November.
Collins, P. (2010). "New economy and new media". ISSP Conference, University of Limerick.
Collins, P. and Grimes, S. (2009) "From success to failure: recent FDI movements in Ireland". Regional Studies Association International Conference, Leuven, Belgium, 5-9 April.
Collins, P. (2009) "They giveth and they taketh away: Ireland’s FDI losses". Regional Science Association, Limerick.
Collins, P. (2009) "Innovative Competitive Practices and FDI in Ireland". Intertrade Ireland Innovation Conference, Galway, June.
Collins, P. (2009) "Creative cities: A case study from Ireland". Creative Regions Conference, Cardiff, UK.
Collins, P. (2009) "Lights, Camera, Action: Case study of a creative cluster in the west of Ireland". ISSP Annual Conference, NUI, Galway, 2 December. Oral Presentation
Collins, P. (2009) "The rise of a creative industry cluster in Indrebhán, Co. Galway". Regional Innovation Systems Conference, Edinburgh, 15 October. Oral Presentation
Collins, P. (2008) "Researching the Irish FDI Success Story". ISSP Summer School, IT Sligo, 23-25 June.


Collins, P. (2011). "Cultural Consumption in Galway". City Arts Group.
Collins, P. (2011). "The future is creative". Ministerial meeting with Minister for Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht Affairs, Jimmy Deenihan.
Collins, P. (2010) (NUIG) Global Innovation. ISSP Module: Innovation and Public Policy, CISC, NUI Galway, 17 February 2010 Oral Presentation
Collins, P. (2010) (NUIG) Culture and Place, how unique is Galway city. Presentation to the Galway Arts Centre, 4 February 2010. Oral Presentation
Collins, P. (2010). "People, place and productivity ". NPP Meeting Edinburgh.
Collins, P. (2009) (NUIG) Discussant on Competitiveness and Creativity Part of the half day workshop co-hosted with the Western Development Commission entitled ‘Creative Industries, Innovation and the Smart Economy, November 2009. Discussant
Collins, P. (2008) 'Turn on, Tune in, Log out: Geographies of Cyberspace'. Seminar Series at the Department of Geography, NUI, Galway.
Grimes, S. & Collins, P. (2008) "The Growing Significance of Ireland as a Centre for Internationally Traded Business Services". Regional Studies Association Network Seminar Outsourcing and Offshoring Business Services: Theoretical Perspectives and Global Trends. Centre for Contemporary European Studies University of the West of Scotland, 4-7 September 2008.
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