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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Gebel, K., Reger-Nash, B., Leyden, K.M. & Bauman, A. (2011). "Does the environment moderate the impact of a mass media campaign to promote walking?". American Journal of Health Promotion, 26, 45-48.
Leyden, K.M., Goldberg, A. & Duval, R. D. (2011). "The Built Environment, Maintenance of the Public Sphere and Connections to Others and to Place: An Examination of 10 International Cities". Journal of Urbanism, 4, 25-38.
Reger-Nash, B., Bauman, A., Smith, B. J., Craig, C. L., Abildso, C. & Leyden, K.M. (2011). "Organizing an Effective Communitywide Physical Activity Campaign: A Step-by Step Guide". Health and Fitness Journal, 15, 21-27.
deNazelle, A., Nieuwenhuijsen, J. M., Antó, J. M., Brauer, M., Briggs, D., Braun-Fahrlander, C., Cavill, N., Cooper, A. R., Desqueyroux, H., Fruin, S., Hoek, G., Int Panis, L., Janssen, N., Jerrett, M., Joffe, M., Jovanovic Andersen, Z., van Kempen, E., Kingham, S., Kubesch, N. & Leyden, K. M. et al. (2011). "Improving Health Through Policies that Promote Active Travel: A review of evidence to support integrated health impact assessment. ". Environment International, 37, 766–777.
Bias, T.K., Leyden, K.M., Abildso, C.G., Reger-Nash, B. & Bauman, A. (2010) "The importance of being parsimonious: reliability of a brief community walkability assessment instrument". Health & Place,16(4), 755-8.

Conference Papers

Leyden, K. M. (2011). "Understanding Walkability: How Policymakers Assess Factors that Influence Active Transport". International Society for Environmental Epidemiology, Barcelona, Spain, 13-16 September.
Leyden, K. M. (2011). "Keynote: The City Solution". IRCHSS & IRCSET Postdoctoral Symposium, Royal College of Physicians, Dublin, 27 June.
Leyden, K. M. (2011). "How the Innovative Planning of Cities and Towns can address Climate Change, Health and Well-Being". Making the Built Environment Work: Towards Theory, Methods and Practice Interfaces, NUI Maynooth, 27 June - 2nd July.
Leyden, K. M. (2011). "Introductory Remarks with thoughts about the Importance of Social Marketing". Enabling Sustainable Behaviour: The Environment, Communities, Health & Well Being, 3rd Annual Social Marketing Conference, NUI Galway, 15 April.
Leyden, K. M. (2010). "The City Solution". Globe Forum, Dublin, November.
Leyden, K. (2010). Keynote address: "Galway and the Future". Galway 2040, November.


Leyden, K. (2011). "The City Solution: How Innovative, Liveable Cities Can Address Climate Change, Health, and Well-Being". Leuven Institute in Ireland , Belgium, 23rd, 24th March.
Leyden, K. (2009) "Built Environment, Social Capital & Quality of Life". Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) concerning the Transportation, Air Pollution and Physical Activities; An Integrated Health Risk Assessment Programme of Climate Change and Urban Policies (TAPAS) Project, Barcelona, Spain, November 9-11. Oral Presentation
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