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Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Titley, G. (2010) ‘Ireland, media and civil society’. In Witschge, T. N. Fenton & D Freedman Protecting the News: Civil Society and the Media. Carnegie UK Trust. Research report.
Titley, G. (2009) Pleasing the Crisis: Recited Multiculturalism in European Communicative Space, in I. Salovaara-Moring (ed.) (2009) Manufacturing Europe: Spaces of Democracy, Diversity and Communication. Gothenburg: Nordicom/University of Gothenburg Press.
Titley, G. (2009) Celtic, Christian and Cosmopolitan: 'Migrants' and the Mediation of Exceptional Globalization' in Ging, D, M. Cronin and P. Kirby (ed.) (2009) Transforming Ireland, Challenges, Critiques, Resources. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Conference Papers

Titley, G. (2010) Recited truths: mediating the crisis of multiculturalism in Europe. Trinity Immigration Initiative Seminar Series. Invited Guest Lecture
Titley, G. (2009) Negotiating the limits of multiculturalism. European Communication and Research Association (ECREA) conference, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands, 6-7 November.
Titley, G. (2009) 'Chinese media transnationalism in Ireland'. Beijing Conference marking 30 years of Sino-Irish relations, 1 October.
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