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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

White, A., Bushin, N., Carpena-Méndez, F. and Ní Laoire, C. (2010); Using visual methodologies to explore contemporary Irish childhoods, Qualitative Research 10(2): 143-158
Bushin, N. and White, A. (2009) 'Migration politics in Ireland: exploring the impacts on young people’s geographies'. Area.
Bushin, N. (2009) 'Researching family migration decision-making: a children-in-families approach'. Population, Space and Place, 15 pp. 429-443.

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Ní Laoire, C., Bushin, N., Carpena-Méndez, F. & White, A. (2009) Tell me about yourself: migrant children’s experiences of moving to and living in Ireland, Final Report of the Marie Curie Migrant Children Project.

Conference Papers

Ní Laoire, C. (with N. Bushin F., Carpena-Mendez A. White) (2010) (UCC). ‘Tell me about yourself’: learning from children-centred research with migrant children and youth. Development and Intercultural Education Project, Global Dimensions Seminar Series, Dublin, 27 January 2010. Oral Presentation
White, A. and Bushin, N. (2009) 'Children’s rights in direct provision in Ireland',14th International Metropolis Conference. Copenhagen, September.
Bushin, N. (2009) 'From East to West and Back Again? Exploring Migrant Young People’s Migration Trajectories in an Enlarged Europe', Second International Conference on Geographies of Children, Youth and Families. Barcelona, 16-18 July.
Bushin, N. (2009) ‘Of course, I’m not Irish’: migrant young people and social integration at the local scale in Ireland, Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference. Manchester, August.
Bushin, N. (2009) 'Mobility, translocality and belonging: migrant teenagers’ negotiations of urban spaces'. Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference. Manchester, August 2009.
Ní Laoire, C., Bushin, N., Carpena-Méndez, F., White, A. (UCC) Migrant children: children’s and young people’s experiences of immigration and integration in Irish society Barriers to Integration Seminar, Dublin Employment Pact & New Communities Partnership, Dublin, 16 September 2009 Oral Presentation National
White, A., Ní Laoire, C., Bushin, N., Carpena-Méndez, F. (2009) 'Children and migration: challenging the adult-centrism of migration studies', Re-making Migration Theory Conference. Brighton, May.
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