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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Curran, D. (2009) 'Sectoral Trends and British Regional Economic Growth - A Spatial Econometric Perspective'. European Journal of Spatial Development, 37, June.

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Curran, D. and Gleeson, J.(2009) “Cross-Border Population Accessibility and Regional Growth : An Irish Border Region Case-Study” NIRSA Working Paper Series 52, Sept.

Working Papers

Curran, D. van Egeraat, C. O’Gorman, C. (2012) "Adverse Events and Opportunistic Spin-offs: The Irish Biotech Industry", NIRSA Working Paper 68.

Conference Papers

Curran, D. (2010) "Overview of NAMA". Irish Geography After NAMA, NIRSA, NUI Maynooth.
Van Egeraat, C. and Curran, D. (2010)Social Network Analysis of the Irish Biotechnology Industry: Implications for Digital Business Ecosystems. 3rd International OPAALS Conference on Digital Ecosystems, Aracaju, Brazil, March.
Van Egeraat, C. and Curran, D. (2010) Socio-Spatial Foundations of Knowledge Flow in the Irish Biotechnology Industry and the Role of Digital Ecosystems Centre for Innovation and Structural Change (CISC) Seminar, NUI Galway, January 2010.
Curran, D. (2010) "Measuring Irish Population Accessibility". Economics Department NUI Maynooth.
Van Egeraat C. and Curran D. (2009) (NUIM). "Knowledge Flows and Networks in the Irish Biotech Industry". Paper presented at the conference Planning a Digital Ecosystem for the Biotech Industry, 3 November 2009. Oral Presentation
Bartley, B., Breathnach, P., Curran, D., Gleeson, van Egeraat, C., J., McCafferty, D., and Rickard, R. (NUIM) Functional Territories in Ireland’ International Centre for Local and Regional Development Mapfest Workshop, NIRSA, NUI Maynooth, 8 July 2009 Oral Presentation National
Curran, D. (2009), Cross-Border Population Accessibility and Regional Growth : An Irish Border Region Case-Study, Advanced Methodology Module, NIRSA Graduate Education Programme. NIRSA, Maynooth, May.
Curran, D. (2009) 'Cross-Border Population Accessibility and Regional Growth : An Irish Border Region Case-Study', NUI Maynooth Economics Department Seminar Series. September.
Curran, D. (2009). "Cross-Border Population Accessibility and Regional Growth: An Irish Border Region Case-Study". Annual Conference of the Irish Social Science Platform (ISSP). NUI Galway, 1-2 December.
Ancien, D., Bartley, B., Curran, D., Gleeson, J., McCafferty, D., Van Egeraat, C. and Rickard, A. (2009) 'Regional Agglomerations: Dublin in Context’ Case for Agglomeration', European Economies Workshop. Dublin Regional Authority Office, Parnell Square, Dublin, 16 July.
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