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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

O'Connell, C. & Finnerty, J. (2009) 'Voices of hidden young carers in Cork'. Youth Studies Ireland, 4(1), pp.14-28.

Conference Papers

Finnerty, J. (2009) 'Testing times: an evaluation of the policies and targets in current Irish homelessness policy', Boom to Bust: Irish Social Policy in Challenging Times. UCC, 25 September.
Finnerty, J. (2009) 'Housing exclusion and homelessness in Ireland', Housing, Social Inclusion and the Economy, Seminar. Brussels, Social Situation Observatory, April 2009.
Finnerty, J. (2009) 'A Decade of Policy Innovation? Trends and prospects in Irish homelessness policy 2000 – 2009', Working Group 12 Welfare Policy, Homelessness and Social Exclusion, European Network of Housing Researchers. Prague, July.
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