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Working Papers

Cunningham, J., O’Reilly, P., O’Kane, C. & Mangematin, V. (2011). "Glorifed Administrators or Eminent Research Leaders: The Inhibiting Factors that Publicly Funded Principal Investigators Experience in Leading Collaborative Research Projects". Centre for Innovation and Structural Change Working Paper, No. 41, July.

Conference Papers

Cunningham, J., O’Reilly, P., O’Kane, C., Mangematin, V. & Naciocha, A. (2010). "Project Formation and the Motivation and Challenges of Principal Investigator Role in Publicly Funded Research". Technology Transfer Society Annual Conference, Washington.
O'Kane, C. & Cunningham, J. (2009) "Top Management Leadership in the Turnaround Process: Leadership Recognition and Response". Irish Academy of Management, September.
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