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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Watters, J. (2011) "Migrant Networkscapes: Spatialising accounts of migrants’ social practices", Translocations, 7, 1

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Watters, J. (2010) "Understanding Migrant Visualisations of Family", in M. Raesch (ed) Mapping Minds, Oxford: IDP.

Conference Papers

Watters, J. (2011) "The Geographical Imagination and Family: A case for a landscape imaginary", Royal Geographical Society – Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference.
Watters, J. (2009) 'Imagining the migrant family through key transnational approaches', Conference of Irish Geographers 2009. Cork, 15-16 May.
Watters J. (2009) (NUIM). " Cultural Geographies of the Family". Geography lecture to 2nd year undergraduates, NUI Maynooth, 11 November 2009. Guest Lecture
Watters J. (2009) (NUIM) . "The challenge of conducting poststructuralist research NIRSA/ISSP Advanced Methodologies GREP module, NUI Maynooth, 25-November 2009. Oral Presentation
Watters, J. (2009) '(Re)Imagining migrant families', RGS (IBG) Annual International Conference 2009. Manchester, UK, 26-28 August.
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