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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Regan, D. & Morrison, T.G. (2011) "Development and validation of a scale measuring attitudes toward non-drinkers". Substance Use and Misuse, 46(5), 580-590. (electronic version)
Fish, R., McGuire, B., Hogan, M., Morrison, T.G. & Stewart, I. (2010). "Validation of the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (CPAQ) in an Internet Sample and Development and Preliminary Validation of the CPAQ-8". Pain, 49, 435-443.
Morrison, T.G., Speakman, C. and Ryan, T.A. (2009) "Irish University Students' support for the human rights of gay men and lesbian women". Journal of Homosexuality, 56, 387 - 400.
Morrison, T.G. & Halton, M. (2009) "Buff, tough, and rough: Representations of muscularity in action motion pictures". Journal of Men’s Studies, 17(1), 57-74.
Morrison, T.G., Ryan, T.A., Fox, L. & McDermott, D.T.; (2008) "Canadian university students’ perceptions of the practices that constitute “normal” sexuality for men and women". Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 17(4), 161-171.
McDonagh, L., Morrison, T.G. & McGuire, B. (2008) "The naked truth: Development of a scale designed to measure male body image self-consciousness during physical intimacy". Journal of Men’s Studies, 16, 253-265.
Morrison, T.G. and Johnston, C.A.B. (2008) “The Presentation of Masculinity in Everyday Life: Contextual Variations in the Masculine Behavior of Young Irish Men”. Sex Roles, 57(9-10), 661-674.

Book Chapters

Morrison, T.G., & Ryan, T.A. (2008) "Body image and sexuality". In T. Cooke (Ed) Encyclopaedia of Sex and Society, Volume I. London: Brown.
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