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Brosnan, L. (2010) (UL). "ESTEP:Empowereing and equiping residents in a high security forensic environment with peer mentoring skills on computers" Lifelong Learning and Empowerment in Mental Health, International; Conference –, Paris, France, 11-12 February 2010. Oral Presentation
Brosnan, L. (2010) (UL). "Ethical and methodological considerations of research with 'vulnerable' people". ISKS Postgraduate Seminar Series, University of Limerick 16 March 2010. Oral Presentation
Brosnan, L. (2009) 'Problematising Partnership with Mental Health Service Users', Buzzword To Meaningful Reality.
Brosnan, L. (2009) 'User Involvement, Lessons from the Literature', Recovery Beyond Psychiatric Care.
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