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Conference Papers

Bergamasco, A. G. (2009) 'Tertium Quid urban creativity and aesthetics Irish postgraduate training', Consortium. UCCAsfs, Department of Geography, 14 May.
Bergamasco, A. G. (2009) 'Tertium Quid: creative practices in the urban plane', Conference of Irish Geographers 2009. Cork, 15-16 May.
Bergamasco, A. G. (2009) 'Tertium Quid: the PhD research', PhD presentation for the Department of Geography NUIM. NUIM, 20 of April.
Bergamasco, A. G. (2009) 'Cutting pathways through chaos Conncet Deleuze. Cologne University, 10-12 August.
Bergamasco, A. G. (2009) "The Role of Academia in Policy consultancy". Annual Conference of the Irish Social Science Platform (ISSP). NUI Galway, 1-2 December .
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