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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

MacPhail, A., Collier, C. & O'Sullivan, M. (2009) “Lifestyles and Gendered Patterns of Leisure and Sporting Interests Among Irish Adolescents” Sport, Education and Society, 14(3), 2009, pp. 281-299
MacPhail, A., Collier, C. & O’Sullivan, M. (2008) "Lifestyles and gendered patterns of leisure and sporting interests among Irish adolescents". Sport, Education and Society (In press)
Amade-Escot, C. & O'Sullivan, M. (2007) “Co-Construction of PE Content: Contemporary Research Approaches”. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy. Special Issue, 12(3, Nov).
Wallhead, T. & O'Sullivan, M. (2007) “A Didactic Analysis of Content Development During the Peer Teaching Tasks of a Sport Education Season”. Physical Education And Sports Pedagogy Page(s): 225-244, Volume: 12, Nov.
Amade-Escot, C. & O'Sullivan, M. (2007) “Research on Content in Physical Education: Theoretical Perspectives and Current Debates”. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 12(3), 185-204. Nov.

Conference Papers

O'Sullivan, M. (2008) “Physical Education Subject Inspections: What Can We Learn from Them?”, Physical Education Association of Ireland National Conference.
Gilmartin, M. & O’Connell, Jane-Ann (2008) 'Negotiating Belonging: Lithuanians in Ireland'. Conference of Irish Geographers, Liverpool, May.
O'Sullivan, M. (2008) “Developing a Consensus Statement on Professional Development”, World Congress for Physical Education in Higher Education.
Enright, E., & O'Sullivan, M. (2008) “Cos That's What I Thought ye Wanted to Hear": Participatory Methods and Research Agendas in Physical Education Research” Researching Children's Worlds Conference
O'Sullivan, M. (2007) “Building a Community of Practice and Advocating for PE”. Presentation to Community of Practice Professionals. Dec.
O'Sullivan, M. (2007) “Creating and Sustaining Communities of Practice Among Physical Education Professionals”. Presentation to Kerry Education Service Teachers, Oct
O'Sullivan, M. (2007) “Creating and Sustaining a Community of Practice Among KES Teachers”, presentation to the Kerry Education Service Principals. Dec
Tannehill, D., MacPhail, A. & O'Sullivan, M. (2007) “A Multidisciplinary Approach. Historic Traditions & Future Directions in Research on Teaching & Teacher Education in Physical Education”. PE PAYS Research Centre, Oct
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