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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Chambers, A. (2010) "Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Mapping the territory". Language Teaching, 43.1, January 2010, pp. 113-122.
Chambers, A. (2007) “Language Learning as Discourse Analysis: Implications for the LSP Learning Environment”. Asp, la revue du GERAS, Jan; 51/52, 35-52 ;
Chambers, A. (2007) "Les Corpus Oraux en Français Langue Etrangère: Authenticité Pédagogie, Des documents authentiques oraux aux corpus: questions d’apprentissage en didactique des langues". 14/12/2007 - 15/12/2007

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Chambers, A. (2010) 'What is Data-Driven Learning?'.In A. O’Keeffe and M. McCarthy (eds.); The Routledge Handbook of Corpus Linguistics; London: Routledge, February 2010, pp. 345-358
Chambers, A. (2009) Integrating corpus consultation in language studies; in P.Hubbard (ed.) Computer Assisted Language Learning: Critical Concepts in Linguistics. New York and London: Routledge, June, Vol.2, 424-444
Chambers, A. (2008) "Language learning as discourse analysis: playing games in a corpus of French journalistic discourse" in N. Kübler and G. Aston (eds): Teaching and Language Corpora. Amsterdam: Rodopi, In press
Chambers, A. and Wynne, M. (2008) “Sharing Corpus Resources in Language Learning” in F. Zhang and B. Barber (eds) Handbook of Research on Computer-Enhanced Language Acquisition and Learning. Hershey PA: IGI Global, Feb
Chambers, A. (2008) "Les corpus oraux en français langue étrangère : authenticité et pédagogie", Mélanges CRAPEL, 31. Des documents authentiques oraux aux corpus : questions d'apprentissage en didactique des langues. In press

Conference Papers

Walsh, C. (2011) "Prospects for an Integrated Spatial and Environmental Development Perspective? Implementation of River Basin Management Plans in Ireland and Germany", Conference of Irish Geographers 2011: Restoring Balance: Towards A New Development Paradigm for Ireland, Limerick.
Chambers, A. (2009) 'Linguistic features of article introductions in French: combining text-based and corpus-based approaches', Navigating Texts : From Reading to Writing / La navigation textuelle : de la lecture à l’écriture. French-Irish symposium. University of Limerick, 6 May.
Le Baron, F., Chambers, A. & Murray, L. (2008) 'CALL in the French Classroom: enhancing cultural competence through a blended learning approach', EUROCALL 2008, Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Székesfehérvár, Hungary, 3-6 September.
Chambers, A., Farr, F.., & O’Riordan, S. (2008) “Corpora and Materials Development for Language Learning” MATSDA 26/01/2008 - 27/01/2008
Rodgers, O., Chambers, A. & Le Baron. F. (2008) 'Corpora in the LSPClassroom: French for biotechnologists', 4th Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies (IVACS) International Conference. University of Limerick, 13-14 June.
Chambers, A. (2008) 'Corpora in Language Learning and Teaching'. Graduate education seminar, Granada, June.
Chambers, A. (2008) 'Beyond the Communicative Approach: bilingual resources in translation studies and language learning and teaching'. Conference on New Trends in Corpus Linguistics. Granada, Sept.
Chambers, A. (2008) 'Learning and Teaching the Subjunctive in French: The contribution of corpus data'. Conference of the Association for French Language Studies, Oxford. Sept.
Chambers, A. (2008) 'Research Articles in Applied Linguistics: conventions and creativity'. Graduate education seminar, Granada, June.
Chambers, A. (2007) “Corpora and Language Learning”, Graduate seminar. University College Cork, October.
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