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Book Chapters

Preston, P. and Rogers, J. (2011) "The Three Cs of Key Music Sector Trends Today: Commodification, Concentration and Convergence", Chapter 24 [pp.373-96] in D. Y. Jin (ed.) (2011) Global Media Convergence and Cultural Transformation: Emerging Social Patterns and Characteristics, Hershey, PA: IGI Global. (IGI Clobal website)

Conference Papers

Preston, P. and Rogers, J. (2011) "Social networks, legal innovations and the ‘new’ music industry", Online Content: Policy & Regulation for a Global Market, EuroCPR annual conference, Het Pand, University of Ghent, Belgium, 28 March
Rogers, J. (2010) "IPRs and innovation in the digital economy", ISSP Conference, Limerick, 01-02 December.
Preston, P., McGuinness, D. and Rogers, J. (2009) "As Important As Technology? Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation in Digital Media Services", Annual Conference of the Irish Social Science Platform (ISSP), NUI Galway, 1-2 December. Paper
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