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Non Peer Reviewed Publications

McArdle, S. (2009). The need for cultural competency and resilience to promote sustainability, in Policy making: Implications for innovation and communities Irish Social Science Platform Summer School Proceedings 2009 22nd 26th June 2009. National University of Ireland, Galway.

Conference Papers

McArdle, S. (2011). Youth civic engagement the promise of democracy? Oral presentation, The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden. June.
McArdle, S. (2011). Youth civic engagenment an opportunity to promote equality? Oral presentation, Nordic Youth Research Symposium, Turku, Finland. June.
McArdle, S. (2010). Youth civic engagement: A hegemonic process contributing to gender inequality? Oral presentation, Sibeal, NUI Galway. October.
McArdle, S. (2010). "The Need for Cultural Competency and Resilience to Promote Sustainability". In: Proceedings of Irish Social Sciences Platform Summer School 2009, Galway.
McArdle, S. (2009). An overview of a youth exploration with rural and urban Zambian youth regarding their experiences of civic engagement, gender and community. Zambian Ministry of Sport and Youth, Lusaka, Zambia. Oral presentation. 31st December 2009.
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