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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Lodge, T. (2008) Review essay on ‘The South African Development State’. Journal of Southern African Studies (in press)
Lodge, T. (2008) “Revolution Deferred; From Armed Struggle to Liberal Democracy: the ANC in South Africa”. In Bruce Winfield (ed.), 'Constructive Transformations: From Violence to Engagement, to Sustainable Peace', (in press)
Lodge, T. (2007) “The ANC Resurgent' the ANC Turns to Armed Struggle' and 'The Mandela Factor: The Mandela Presidency' in Herman Giliomee and Bernard Mbenga”. New History of South Africa; Chapter:1, Page(s): 326-333 and 416-417, Nov

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Lodge, T. (2008) “The Interplay of Violence and Non Violence in the Movement Against Apartheid” in Thomas Davies, Adam Roberts and Timothy Garton-Ash (eds.), Civil Resistance and Power Politics (in press)
Lodge, T. (2008) “African National Congress” , International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Jan
Lodge, T., Adshead, M. and Nishe, E. (2008) “Study of the Needs of Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in County Clare”, Health Services Executive West, Ennis (in press)
Adshead, M., Lodge, T. & ni She, Ē. (2007) “A Study of the Needs of Ethnic Minority Immigrants in County Clare”, Research Report for HSE Co. Clare pp. 170, Nov
Lodge, T. (2007) “Helen Suzman” Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, Dec

Conference Papers

Adshead, M., Lodge, T. & Ni She, E. (2007) “Ireland - Layered Citizenship in a Globalised Economy”, Matchpoints in Globalisation Conference. 15/11/2007 - 17/11/2007
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