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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

MacPhail, A., Gorely, T., Kirk, D. & Kinchin, G. (2008) “Exploring the Meaning of Fun in Physical Education Through Sport Education”. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport (in press)
MacPhail, A., Kirk, D. & Griffin, L. (2008) “Throwing and Catching as Relational Skills in Game Play: Situated Learning in a Modified Game Unit”. Journal Of Teaching In Physical Education Pages(s):100-115, Volume:27

Conference Papers

Kirk, D., MacPhail, A. & Griffin, L. (2008) 'Lancer et attraper comme activité coopérative complexe en situation de jeu : Analyse d'un apprentissage situé lors d'un cycle de sport collectif en situations réduites', Conférence Biennale de l'Association pour la Recherche sur l'Intervention en Sport (ARIS). Rodez, Mai.
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