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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Monaghan, L.F. (2010) "Physician Heal Thyself' Part 1: A qualitative analysis of a medscape debate on clinicians' bodyweight". Social Theory & Health 8 (1), , pp. 1-27.
Monaghan, L.F. (2010) "Physician Heal Thyself' Part 2: Debating clinicians' bodyweight". Social Theory & Health 8 (1),pp. 28-50.
Monaghan, L.F. and Hardey, M.(2009) "Bodily sensibility: Vocabularies of the discredited male body; Critical Public Health". Special Issue: Men's Health: Practice, Policy, Research and Theory 19 (3-4), pp. 341-62
Monaghan, L. (2008) “Men, Physical Activity and the Obesity Discourse: Critical Understandings from a Qualitative Study”. Sociology of Sport Journal; Special Issue: The Social Construction of Fat.25 (1): 97-129

Conference Papers

Monaghan, L. F. (2010) (UL). Politicising Fatness, Repudiating Obesity Discourse in 'Epidemic' Times European Science Foundation and Linkoping University, Sweden. Conference: The Perfect Body: Between Normativity and Consumerism. Linkoping,. Invitation to present a paper from Dr. Katrin Gruber and Dr. Ursula Naue, 9-13 October 2010 Oral Presentation
Monaghan L F. (2010) (UL) Targeting White Coats in the War on Obesity: A Qualitative Analysis of an Online Debate About Clinicians' Weight. ESRC Seminar Series: Fat Studies And Health At Every Size: Bigness Beyond Obesity. Seminar 1 - Abject Embodiment: Uneven Targets Of Fat Discrimination. Durham University, Invitation from Dr. Beth Evans, 14-15 January Oral Presentation
Gilmartin, M. & O’Connell, Jane-Ann (2008) 'Negotiating Belonging: Lithuanians in Ireland'. Conference of Irish Geographers, Liverpool, May.
Monaghan, L. (2008) “Men and the War on Obesity: An Overview”, Centre for Appearance Research. University of West of England, Bristol, 6th February.
Monaghan, L. (2008) “Men and the War on Obesity: An Overview” Invitation from Dr. Hannah Hale, Researcher Fellow. Geary Institute, UCD, 28th March
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