Leadership in the Public Service Conference

Approaches, Capabilities and Challenges

Aras Moyola, NUI Galway 10:00 :: 8th April 2011

There are calls at a national and international level for Ireland’s public sector to modernise and change to respond to unprecedented economic and fiscal challenges (Delivering Better Government, 1996; McLoughlin & Wallis, 2007; OECD, 2008). A key agent in the change agenda is senior management in the public and civil service, or the “permanent Government” (David McWilliams, 2011). The ability of senior management to envisage, plan and facilitate organisational change and development strategies will play a significant role in the sector’s ability to respond to modernisation and reform demands.

Funded by the IRCHSS, Dr. Alma McCarthy (CISC and Management Discipline, NUI Galway) led a leadership capability study at senior management level in the Irish Civil Service between May and August 2010. Over 140 senior managers (Secretaries General, Assistant Secretaries General and Principal Officers) participated in the study from 12 Government Departments and the Office of the Revenue Commissioners. In total, over 1,200 leadership surveys were completed by focal individuals (the senior managers), their managers, peers and direct reports representing the most extensive study of its kind to-date in Ireland. This Leadership in the Public Service Conference at NUI Galway will showcase the findings of the research project and will launch a comprehensive research report on the study.

The following are the keynote speakers at the one-day conference:

Mr Philip Kelly, Assistant Secretary General, Department of An Taoiseach with responsibility for Transforming Public Services will give a presentation on Strengthening Leadership in the Irish Public Service.
Dr Maria Maguire, Independent Consultant & OECD, will provide insights from international best practice in the area having worked on leadership, human resource management, and human resource development projects in a range of public sector organisations across the world over the past ten years.
Dr Alma McCarthy, Centre for Innovation and Structural Change, JE Cairnes School of Business and Economics, NUI Galway will present the findings of the 2010 NUI Galway senior management leadership capability study.
Dr Brian Cawley, Director General of the Institute of Public Administration will review leadership development policy to-date and present a framework for effective public sector human resource development.

It will be of particular interest to senior management in the public/civil service and private sector, practitioners, consultants and professionals working in the human resource management, human resource development, and leadership development fields as well as those with an interest in public service modernisation and new public management (NPM).

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