3rd Annual Social Marketing Conference

Enabling Sustainable Behaviour: The Environment, Communities, Health & Well Being

Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr and Dr. Craig Lefebvre

NUI Galway 08:30 :: 15th April 2011

Are you concerned with environmental issues? Do you want to drive grass root actions? Marshal advocacy? Mobilse local communities? Are you ready to move beyond brochures, talks and the usual educational approach to public behaviours? Are you working at creating sustainable change? Increasing physical activity or volunteering? Or the uptake of vaccine or screening programme? Only engaged citizens can bring about a profound and long lasting change in the way we live and the environments we design. This demands joint actions by a variety of public, private and third sector stakeholders, as no one organisation has the resources to respond to complex problems, such as altering transportation habits, reducing waste, increasing renewable energy or preventing pollution.

This 3rd Annual National Social Marketing Conference brings together two world known sustainable behavioural change experts, Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr and Dr. Craig Lefebvre, with practitioners and leaders in the public and voluntary sector, to answer such questions.

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