Ireland Through a Social Sciences Lens

Celebrating four years of the Irish Social Sciences Platform

Iontas Building, North Campus, NUI Maynooth 09:45 :: 5th September 2011

Over the past four years academics from across the Irish Social Sciences Platform (ISSP) have been researching the social and economic landscape of Ireland, undertaking a broad range of analysis centred on three themes: balanced development; knowledge Economy and sustaining communities, and developing two national research infrastructures, the Irish Qualitative Data Archive and the All-Island Research Observatory. Funded through the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, Cycle 4, (PRTLI5) administered by the HEA, ISSP links together ten higher education institutions into a common platform of research and graduate education and has funded 54 PhD students and 16 postdoctoral research fellows. Researchers have undertaken fundamental, applied and policy research, much of it in collaboration with state, third sector and industry bodies. As Ireland grapples with the present economic crisis, social sciences research capable of diagnosing and understanding the various problems is increasingly important for finding effective solutions. Ireland Through A Social Sciences Lens provides a showcase of research across the ISSP and the three themes, including talks and a poster display.

9.45-10.15: Registration/Coffee
10.15-11.45: Sustaining Communities
11.45-12.15: Research infrastructures: IQDA and AIRO
12.15-13.15 Lunch and poster display
13.15-14.45: Building a Knowledge Economy
14.45-15.00: Coffee Break
15.00-16.30: Towards Balanced Development

All Welcome/Register to issplatform@nuim


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