Summer School - Keeping Children Safe and Secure in Ireland

Maximising the use of existing data for research, policy and practice

University College Cork 09:30 :: 12th September 2011

A Summer School will take place at University College Cork from September 12th to 16th 2011 on the use of existing data to inform research, policy and practice on keeping children safe and secure in Ireland. Supported by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and IRCHSS, the Summer School will be hosted by UCC’s interdisciplinary Institute for Social Sciences in the 21st Century (ISS21) with the direct involvement of colleagues from Law, Applied Social Studies and Nursing and Midwifery. The aim of the Summer School is to promote research and engagement with a range of existing data sources on child protection and safety through an intense series of lectures, seminars and practical workshops presented by a diverse group of experts from Ireland and elsewhere. For details on the programme and how to apply to attend, go to

Applications welcome.


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