DCU LInK Seminar Seriers "Unpacking Intuition"

Prof. Eugene Sadler-Smith (University of Surrey)

DCUBS, 3rd Floor, Q303, DCU Business School 11:00 :: 6th March 2012

Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith

Dr Eugene Sadler-Smith is Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Surrey Business School, University of Surrey. His current research is concerned with the role of intuition in management and organization. He has published in journals such as the Academy of Management Executive, Academy of Management Learning and Education, British Journal of Psychology, Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology, British Journal of Educational Psychology, Long Range Planning, International Small Business Journal, Journal of Small Business Management, Management Learning, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organization Studies, British Journal of Management, Personality and Individual Differences, Learning and Individual Differences, International Journal of Management Reviews, Business Ethics Quarterly, etc. He has authored a number of books including Inside Intuition (Routledge, 2008) and The Intuitive Mind: profiting from the power of your sixth sense (John Wiley and Sons, 2010). The Intuitive Mind was short-listed for the CMI Management Book of the Year Awards 2011 (Mintzberg’s Managing was the winning title) and is currently being translated into Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (for publication in Brazil), and Russian. His work on intuition has appeared in The Times newspaper and on BBC Radio 4.


Unpacking Intuition

Scholars have argued that intuition has, at long last, ‘come of age’ in the behavioural sciences. In this seminar I will provide a general introduction to the concept of intuition from a dual-processing perspective, summarize some recent advances in intuition research, explore its relevance for management and organization and outline some of the challenges faced in taking intuition research forward.

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