Multiple Disciplines or Mulitidisciplinary Research?

Challenges in developing a Research Proposal

Professor Charles Spillane; Dr. Diarmuid O’Donnovan; Dr. Nata Duvvury (Plant & AgriBiosciences Research Cluster, NUIG; Centre for Health Promotion, NUIG; Global Women’s Studies Programme, NUIG)

Room 333, Arás Moyola, NUI Galway 11:30 :: 17th October 2011

Break the Barrier Series

More often we think about research problems in a structured way informed by our own disciplines. Even when we are aware of the wider context of a particular problem we tend to abstract from those potential ramifications for the sake of tractability. This trade-off between tractability and complexity forms one kind of barrier that discourages us from doing multidisciplinary research. The objective of this series is to explore the scope and the range of multidisciplinarity that one can achieve in particular research problems that are situated in business studies and in social sciences. In order to achieve this objective we need to explore the interstitial spaces that exist between disciplines, and this series provides a forum to facilitate such a dialogue within the Institute.

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