Advanced Thinking Skills Workshop

Practical lessons from cognitive science for researchers

Dr. David Delany (Trinity College Dublin)

CA110 (SAC room), JE Cairnes School of Business and Ecomonics (St. Anthony's), NUI Galway 10:00 :: 15th February 2012

In this practical one-day workshop, participants will learn and apply advanced deep learning and adaptive problem solving techniques based on key research findings in cognitive science regarding the development of superior performance.

Particular attention will be paid to the application of these techniques to accelerating and deepening the levels of integrated learning, insight, and innovation capacity attained by researchers across the sciences and humanities.

Puzzles and case studies are used extensively throughout the workshop to illustrate how this novel educational paradigm can be used to fundamentally improve the depth and quality of our thinking in areas as diverse as neuroscience, business, law, the fine arts, genetics, philosophy, and engineering.

Dr Delany holds a PhD in computational neuroscience from the TCD School of Psychology and Trinity College Institute for Neuroscience (TCIN). His primary research interest is the design of novel clinical brain training interventions for psychiatric disorders and cognitive enhancement. He regularly runs his advanced thinking skills workshops for researchers in TCD and a wide range of external institutions, including Intel Corporation and Cornell University, New York.

This workshop is open to staff and researchers at NUI Galway.

Registration required.

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