Gender and Academic Work

Dr. Marianna Fotaki (University of Manchester), Dr. Kelly Coate (NUI Galway), Professor Pat O’Connor (University of Limerick)

Moore Institute Seminar Room, NUI Galway 13:00 :: 24th April 2012

The experiences of women in academic work have long been a source of debate. Research over the previous thirty years has shown us that, for example, aspects of workplace culture in higher education organizations effectively constrain women’s career advancement. Issues including homophily and related difficulties in finding helpful mentors and role models, along with unintended exclusion from informal social groups. These act to hamper women’s participation in important networks.

Moreover, commentators have argued that academia itself is founded on inherently patriarchical systems and structures, and that these emerge in the gendering of the division of labour in relation to teaching, research and administrative roles, along with working practices that present obstacles to fulfilling familial responsibilities and
caring roles.

In contrast to this, for others, universities remain ‘gender blind’, with career advancement and participation ostensibly open to all. In this seminar we are fortunate to bring together scholars from Ireland and the UK who will present recent empirical findings and new theoretical insights in this area.

All are welcome. Please contact Kate Kenny to reserve a place.

The seminar is organized by NUI Galway’s Work Society and Governance centre, and the Public Policies and Gender cluster (Gender ARC). It is supported by NUI Galway’s Institute of Business, Social Sciences and Public Policy and the Moore Institute.

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