AHP Analysis of Visitors' Preferences for Rural Travel Sites

A Comparative Survey between Ireland and Japan

Professor Shinpei Shimoura (Faculty of Agricultural Economics, Chiba University, Japan)

Seminar Room 113, Ground Floor, Geography, Arts/Science Block, NUI Galway 16:00 :: 16th September 2010

Shinpei Shimoura is an Assistant Professor in the Laboratory of Agricultural Information in the Department of Horticultural Economics at Chiba University, Japan. He is a graduate of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (BA) and Kyoto Prefectural University (MA, PhD). He has worked overseas with colleagues at Penn State University in the USA and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His work has been published in the following, among other, journals: Journal of Rural Planning, Journal of Rural Economics, Journal of Environmental Sociology, Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce. His research areas are Regional Economics, Input-Output Analysis, Rural Tourism, Food, Local Environmental Management NPO. During his time as Sabbatical Leave visitor with CISC and the School of Geography and Archaeology at NUI Galway in 2009-2010, he has conducted research on preferences for rural tourism sites in Ireland using AHP analysis. His seminar will present the results of this research and identify similarities and contrasts with earlier work on the same topic in Japan.

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