Economic crisis, public policies and Brazilian migrants in Japan

Dr Edson Urano (University of Sophia, Tokyo)

CA 113, J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics, NUI Galway 14:30 :: 31st August 2009

Edson Ioshiaqui Urano, Ph.D. in economics, is a lecturer at Sophia University, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of Portuguese Language and Luso-Brazilian Studies (Tokyo, Japan). His work focuses on the sociology of work, industrial relations and international migration. He has been researching the migratory process of Latin Americans to Japan and the transnational dynamics of this phenomenon, as well as their subordination to the flexible labour market and production system and implications on their working lives. He has analysed community unionism in Japan, as an alternative way to organise peripheral workers, and the meaning of this movement in the context of global social movements.

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