Transforming Manufacturing Hubs into Internationally Competitive Clusters in Medical Technology

Boston-Ireland Medical Technology Conference

Keynote Speaker: Professor Philip Cooke (Centre for Advanced Studies, Cardiff University, Wales)

Bailey Allen Hall, NUI Galway 10:00 :: 28th October 2010

The Centre for Innovation and Structural Change at NUI Galway is delighted to host the Boston-Ireland Med Tech Conference on 28th October 2010.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Philip Cooke, Director, Centre for Advanced Studies, Cardiff University, Wales. Philip Cooke is University Research Professor in regional economic development, and founding director (1993) of the Centre for Advanced Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff. In 2002 the UK Economic & Social Research Council awarded core-funded UK Research Centre status to CESAGen, a partnership initiative on the Social and Economic Analysis of Genomics in which Prof. Cooke’s Centre has ‘flagship project’ (Economics of Biotechnology Innovation) status. His research interests lie in studies of Biotechnology, Regional Innovation Systems, Knowledge Economies, Entrepreneurship, Clusters and Networks.

The Conference features addresses from researchers based at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and MIT:

§ Dr Steven Tello, M2D2, Department of Management, University of Mass Lowell, USA
§ Dr Stephen McCarthy, M2D2, Department of Plastics Engineering, University of Mass Lowell, USA
§ Nevan Clancy Hanumara, Entrepreneur, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, USA

The will be an expert panel discussion on the topic: “From Intent to Reality: Making an Internationally Competitive Cluster Happen” chaired by Professor Willie Golden, Dean, College of Business Public Policy and Law, NUI Galway and featuring:

§ Professor Timothy O’Brien, Director, Regenerative Medicine Institute, NUI Galway
§ Ian Quinn, Chairman, Creganna Tactx Medical
§ Keith O’Neill, Director, Life-science and Food Commercialisation Unit, Enterprise Ireland
§ Patricia McGovern, Chairman and Head of Intellectual Property, DFMG Solicitors
§ Kate Hughes, Research Associate, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia


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