First Annual Social Marketing Conference

Changing Lives for Good


J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics, NUI Galway 09:30 :: 15th May 2009

The use of marketing skills and techniques to influence the behaviour of people is increasingly in demand by professionals, going beyond the usual educational/promotional approach to change health and social behaviours. Marketing insights and technologies can be applied equally well outside the market place to tackle such behaviourally driven social problems as obesity, smoking cessation, mental health and road safety together with environmental and sustainable development issues.

Conference Aims:

For those new to the field, the conference will provide a comprehensive introduction to social marketing, encouraging the participant to consider the scope for marketing ideas and techniques to effect social change. It will demonstrate how professionals, seeking behavioural change, can apply it to practical situations in Ireland.

This conference is designed for professionals in the fields of health promotion, local and national government, community initiatives, public safety, environmental protection, charities and the non-profit sector.

It is also beneficial for community development groups, fundraisers, marketing professionals, researchers,
academics, students and all who are interested in the study of voluntary behaviour change.


Conference brochure

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