Rethinking Business Models: Creativity Inspired Innovation

Professor Peter Kelly (Aalto University, Finland)

Aras Moyola, North Campus, NUI Galway 18:30 :: 24th March 2011

Professor Kelly’s innovation lecture will challenge received wisdoms about developing a business, and also to provide practical guidance on how to succeed in the current economic climate. This lecture will appeal to the entrepreneurial academic community, entrepreneurs, companies and catalysts. In this lecture, Professor Kelly will highlight a number of issues:

- Innovation as "refining existing routines" - most innovation in companies, government and universities is incremental by default.
- Creativity as "developing new routines" - genuinely new stuff usually happens outside established routine arenas - why?
- Corporate "creative blindspots" - too small, too risky, how does it fit?, how can we measure return on creativity?
- Entrepreneurs "innovation blindspots" - gaining market traction, challenging orthodoxy.
- Corporates and entrepreneurs - antagonist or ally?
- How can catalysts support creativity inspired innovation - incorporating failure as a learning experience.

Creativity seems to be the missing ingredient. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand ... to innovate to a better place there is a need to be creative, however, companies and governments find this very difficult terrain to navigate --- does it work? How can we encourage it? When does an old routine need to be fundamentally rethought? Professor Kelly will offer some concrete suggestions of how we can instil more creativity into our innovation system. Europe (and Ireland) has all the ingredients to be in a better innovative space - we just need the creative courage to explore it!

Professor Peter Kelly, Aalto University, Finland
Professor Peter Kelly is an award winning entrepreneurship educator and practitioner. He obtained his PhD in Entrepreneurship from London Business School (UK) and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame (USA). Peter’s experience includes a period as an investment and corporate banker in Canada where he managed a portfolio of high profile clients in the cable television and publishing industries, as well as teaching positions and faculty appointments at Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, London Business School, University of Notre Dame, and Wilfrid Laurier University. He has been involved with the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship since its founding. Over the past 15 years, he has worked with entrepreneurs in Finland, Sweden, UK, Portugal, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Switzerland, and Canada.

Since arriving in Finland in 1998, Peter has been the driving force behind entrepreneurship education at Aalto University, heading up the Helsinki School of Creative Entrepreneurship (HSCE). Among many other initiatives, HSCE seed funded the creation of the world’s largest student entrepreneurship society (Aalto Entrepreneurship Society), a student led and inspired movement that supports applied entrepreneurship at the university.

During 2010, he held an appointment at Aalto University as Professor of Practice at the School of Art & Design where he developed a rapid opportunity prototyping course to explore the intersection between the disciplines of design and entrepreneurship. Professor Kelly is also a leading international authority on business angels and was directly involved in the creation of Europe’s first university pre-seed fund and an associated angel network.

The InterTradeIreland All-Island Innovation Programme
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