The Business of Climate Change

The Siemens Climate Change Lecture Series 2009

David Korowicz (Head of Research & Consultant, The Ecology Foundation)

CA118 (BS118), J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics 13:00 :: 13th March 2009

David Korowicz is a Physicist by training and has been helping large companies develop strategies to manage the risks and opportunities of climate change and energy security, and advising on investment in technology. He has appeared in the media and lectured widely on energy security, food security, and climate change. He is on the executive of Feasta, the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, and is active in a number of European climate policy fora. His special interest is the analysis and management of systemic risks arising out of climate, energy, food, and macro-economic interactions.

As part of the Siemens Climate Change Lecture Series, The Ecology Foundation will look at the challenges to business from the direct and indirect effects of climate change, which is destined to transform commerce across the globe. In this lecture, key questions will be examined...what are the drivers of this transformation, how will this effect business strategy, and how can business play a leading role in helping society to adapt to the inevitable challenges?

Lecture outline:
Climate Change: From CSR to Strategy
Climate Change: From Environmental Issue to Systemic Issue
Mind the Gap: Where are we, where do we have to get to.
Filling the Gap: Risk & Opportunity
Economics of Climate Change
Financing: Carbon Pricing, Capping, and Trading Schemes
Risk & Opportunity in Business Strategy
What is a Climate Engaged Business?

This lecture is being jointly hosted by the ECI, GEOS, and CISC.

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