The Future of Knowledge?

Professor Larry Prusak (Harvard Business School and Babson College)

CA118, JE cairnes School of Business and Economics, NUI Galway 18:00 :: 20th November 2008

What would an organisation look like that took knowledge seriously? What are the new organisational roles, design processes, incentives and strategies that work best for knowledge? What changes are taking place in the world that are putting such a premium on knowledge for organisations and nations? In particular, what is the impact of the break-up of the monopoly on "useful" knowledge that was held by the US and Western Europe for the past century and the concurrent extreme drop in information transaction costs brought on by the IT revolution?

In the Innovation Lecture ‘The Future of Knowledge?’, Larry will discuss how these two movements have changed the way we need to think about how wealth is created and how work is organised. Specifically he will discuss;

- How the current command and control organisational model we all live with is not useful or effective in working with knowledge and what can be done about it

- How the "democratisation of knowledge" is influencing organisations and society

- How trust influences knowledge development

Larry Prusak is a leading authority on Knowledge Management and has authored six books in the area. He was the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Knowledge Management (IKM), a global consortium of organisations engaged in advancing the practice of knowledge management. Larry has been studying knowledge and learning in organisations for the past two decades and has extensive experience, in helping organisations with their information and knowledge resources. These include Novartis, McKinsey, NASA, World Bank, and the United Nations. He has taught on the knowledge management executive education program at the Harvard Business School and co-directs a knowledge research program at Babson College. Further details on Professor Prusak can be found at:

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