European Institute of Advanced Management Studies (EIASM) 8th Workshop on the Challenges of Managing the Third Sector


Room 110, J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics, NUI Galway 09:00 :: 9th June 2011

Conference Chairpersons:
Bernd Helmig, Department of Business Administration, Public & Non-profit Management, University of Mannheim, Germany
Marc Jegers Microeconomics of the Profit and Non-profit Sectors, Free University Brussels, Belgium
Irvine Lapsley, IPSAR, School of Management, University of Edinburgh, U.K.


The Third Sector - such as the voluntary, charitable, financial co-operative, religious, health and educational organisations which sit outside the confines of the private (‘profit’) and public sectors - is facing a rapidly changing environment which challenges its efficient management and continuation. This research workshop seeks to examine current influences on the effective operation of these non-profit organisations. We are interested in high quality research papers which address the managerial challenges facing this sector. The organisers are particularly interested in the results of managerial, economic and inter-disciplinary approaches.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

· Policy constraints on managing NPOs
· Financial constraints and fundraising in NPOs
· The role and managerial challenges of NPOs in transition countries
· Ethical issues versus commercialisation of NPOs & commodification of their services
· The partnership between NPOs and business firms: sponsoring, strategic alliances and cause-related marketing
· The partnership between NPOs and public organisations: joined-up planning and delivery in the transformation of public welfare
· Social entrepreneurship and the emergence of social enterprises
· Reason and consequences of the introduction of private sector managerial techniques in NPOs
· Engaging, organizing and managing people in NPOs
· The role of accounting and financial measures in the Third Sector
· Vision, strategy making and strategizing in the Third Sector
· Marketing management in the Third Sector
· Inter-disciplinary approaches to interpret the challenges of the Third Sector

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