International Political Anthropology

Distillery House G02, University College Cork 16:00 :: 27th February 2009

IIn association with the Irish Social Sciences Platform, and in conjunction with International Political Anthropology, a major new international peer-reviewed journal, you are cordially invited to a two-day symposium at UCC on 27th-28th February 2009. The theme will be related to the first IPA Summer School (26 June-4 July, 2009, Pievepelago (Modena, Italy), on The Masks of the Contemporary.nternational Political Anthropology provides a forum for interdisciplinary and comparative scholarship addressing problems and concerns of the contemporary political scene through the prism of anthropologically based approaches. Aiming to give voice to a growing conceptual and methodological creativity, the journal connects the study of politics to perspectives and tools drawn from disciplines or subject areas that were long considered irrelevant to the study of politics proper, including the comparative analysis of civilisations, mythology, archaeology, history of the longue durée, religion, symbolism, violence, or political spirituality.

Limitied to 30 participants

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